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Walk in Chiropractor

Unless you know you have chronic back pain from an old injury or another type of health problem, it is hard to predict when you will need to go to the chiropractor.  Not many offices in Jefferson, Iowa or Greene County and surrounding areas offer walk in chiropractor services.  Maybe they do not understand that sometimes back pain cannot be scheduled.  If you fall on the ice in the winter time and hurt your back, you need to be seen right away, not when the office has an appointment convenient for them.  Vive Family Chiropractic offers convenient walk in services during office hours.  No appointment necessary.

Are chiropractic services covered by most health insurance?

Should your need for a walk in chiropractor be follow up treatment for a previous injury or medical condition, most major health insurance companies will likely cover it.  However, many employers offer different types of insurance to provide better cost and coverage for their employees. It is best to check with your health insurance provider to see if and how much of the service may be covered. Not every insurance plan will cover all the visits necessary to make your injuries or pain feel better.  You may be limited in the amount of spinal manipulations or adjustments you can have.  Many times, the initial consultation is not covered.  Several diagnostic tests can be involved to prescribe your course of treatment.  Again, you may want to check with your insurance plan to see if the testing would be covered under your current plan.

Medicare recipients may also find that some of their walk in chiropractor services may not be covered completely or at all.  While major illnesses and health problems tend to be covered, Medicare does leave some gaps in a recipient’s coverage.  However, that does not mean that the recipient will have to pay for all of the uncovered costs out of pocket.  There is supplemental insurance available to fill in the gaps that Medicare misses.  Like other insurance plans, you will want to check your policy to see exactly what would be covered and what would not.  It is entirely possible that you would have a certain number of visits to treat the problem or condition before your coverage runs out.  You may also have a co-pay before you receive the services if they are not completely paid by your coverage.

A walk in visit is not an easy fix

Rising costs in health care have caused people to look for places to cut the costs involved for treatments for serious injuries or falls.  While a walk in chiropractor visit may seem like a quick and cheaper fix, you could be causing yourself more damage in the long run.  You will be giving the doctor a description of your pain and describing how your injury happened from your point of view.  He or she may not have the equipment or testing available to see if you have done more damage to your body that they might not be able to fix.  You could have more injuries than what you are feeling.  Undergoing a spinal adjustment or manipulation under these circumstances could end up doing more harm than good if it turns out there is more going on than the pain you feel.

Before you consider a visit to a walk in chiropractor, you should be examined by your own medical doctor or an urgent care clinic.  If you happen to find out your injury or condition is worse than you initially thought, a spinal adjustment or manipulation could have done more harm to your body.  You need to know if a cast or support would be required for your injury or condition.  Is additional physical therapy needed to help you recover?  How long is it going to take for your body to recover?  Is a spinal adjustment or manipulation something you can undergo without more damage being done to your injury or condition?  These are some of the questions you need to know the answer to before you can commit to a course of treatment.  Your spinal health is a vital part of your daily well-being.  Any damage to your spine could result in severe nervous system damage. 

Is a walk in visit right for you?

After you have been checked out by a medical doctor or urgent care clinic and been approved to see a chiropractor, you need to decide if a walk in chiropractor is right for you.  If you have pulled a muscle or twisted something in your back and are far away from your normal chiropractor, it may feel right for you to have a walk in visit.  No one wants to be in pain on a vacation or a trip away from home.  Other chiropractors in your area may not be accepting new patients, so a walk in visit would be an excellent opportunity until you can find a permanent doctor. 

Walk in treatments do not require an appointment.  If you happen to be in the neighborhood and see that the doctor is accepting walk ins, you can feel free to wait.  The doctor will not ask you for a referral from your primary doctor.  If you need just a simple adjustment or manipulation, all you need to do is walk in and have the treatment.  You can show proof of insurance to see if any part of your treatment can be covered.  If it is just a temporary visit, you will want to obtain a copy of your treatment record and have it sent to your primary chiropractor.  However, walk in appointments can become routine for chronic pain that is easy to diagnose.

If you cannot get an appointment with your primary chiropractor and you are in a lot of pain, a walk in treatment will benefit you greatly.  You will be able to supplement your primary chiropractor appointments with a walk in treatment.  If chiropractic treatments are a great benefit to you and improving your condition, there is no such thing as too many treatments.  You may want to let your primary chiropractor know that you are receiving walk in treatments when you cannot get an appointment, as it will be important for both the doctors to work together on your course of prescribed treatment.  It could be disastrous if one doctor’s treatment is contradicting the other.  You will also want to fill in the walk in doctor about your medical history, including injuries, accidents, conditions, major illnesses, surgeries, and medications you may be taking, as it will shed better light on your condition.  The walk in doctor will be able to better adjust his or her course of treatment to better compliment your primary doctor.

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