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Pregnancy Chiropractor

Throughout a woman’s pregnancy, a doctor’s focus is on the growth and development of the unborn child.  The woman is told what she can eat and drink, and she is guided through the activities she can complete without endangering the health and welfare of her unborn child.  It is possible that no one will stop to think what kind of effect a woman’s spinal alignment can have on her unborn child.  A pregnancy chiropractor takes a specific interest in both the pre- and postnatal care of a pregnant woman.  These types of chiropractors are trained to work with women throughout all the stages of pregnancy. They are not hard to find in Jefferson, Iowa or Greene County and surrounding areas.

Instead of a normal adjustment chair or platform, many pregnancy chiropractors have tables that can adjust for the various stages of pregnancy.  They are also trained to use special techniques that avoid unneeded pressure and strain on the abdomen.  Just because a woman is pregnant does not mean they need to avoid their weekly spinal adjustment or manipulation.  Pregnancy is the most important time for your spine to be in perfect alignment.  A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes throughout the course of their pregnancy.  Steady weight gain is necessary to make sure the unborn child grows and develops properly.  A protruding abdomen and a more refined back curve will cause a pregnant woman to walk and even sleep differently.  All of these changes mean her posture has to adapt so she can walk and move around comfortably.  Just because she is getting around comfortably does not necessarily mean her spine is completely aligned.  The position of the unborn baby can also add stress and strain to the mother’s body.  Sometimes it is necessary for an expectant mother to receive a weekly spinal adjustment or manipulation.

A pregnancy chiropractor can work with the OB/GYN doctor to be sure the baby is in the proper position for delivery.  As the mother’s due date approaches, it is extremely important for the baby to be in the correct birthing position.  An unborn baby that is in a breech or posterior position will interfere with the natural ease of labor and birth, and it can lead to the mother having to undergo a C-section to birth the baby safely.  It is not possible for the mother to experience a vaginal birth if the baby is in a breech or posterior position.  Pelvic balance and alignment is also extremely important before the birth to assure there is proper room for the baby to be born.

Seeing a pregnancy chiropractor regularly can reduce the time of labor and delivery, as the spine and the pelvis will be in proper alignment for the child’s birth.  In turn, this could also reduce the number of C-sections new mothers need to undergo.  Keeping the mother comfortable during pregnancy goes a long way to relieving back, neck, or joint pain.  The unborn baby constantly shifting positions during the pregnancy adds strain and stress to the expecting mother.  Having a regular adjustment or manipulation during pregnancy can assure the mother will stay comfortable and the unborn child will grow and develop as it should.

Morning sickness and nausea are the most common complaints of expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy.  Many seek the advice of others for remedies to these issues, while others change their diet, sleeping patterns, and medications to look for relief.  It is highly unlikely that anyone thinks visiting a pregnancy chiropractor will help them through morning sickness or nausea.  Many expectant mothers would be surprised to find out that just one spinal adjustment or manipulation can make a world of difference in the amount of morning sickness or nausea they experience.

Even after the child is born, it is important for the new mother to keep seeing her chiropractor, as the body is working its way back to normal.  The extra baby weight gain is slowly coming off, reducing the amount of stress and strain on the body.  Parts of the body that increased in size or swelled are returning to normal.  It is important to keep a close eye on the alignment of the spine.  It needs to stay in proper position for optimal nervous and immune system health.  If it becomes misaligned, the new mother will be prone to illness and disease that she could pass onto her newborn child.

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