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Pediatric Chiropractor

From the minute they are born, children are active, and their bodies are growing.  Some children experience difficult births, while others experience a rough time growing and developing in their mother’s womb.  Pregnancy causes many changes in the mother’s body.  While weight gain during pregnancy is very important for the fetus to grow and develop properly, health conditions and problems may develop if the mother gains too much weight.  The unborn child needs room to grow and develop.  Sometimes the health conditions and problems that develop in the womb are not outgrown, and the newborn child develops growing problems.  Even uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries can cause added stress and strain on the delicate spines of newborns.  A pediatric chiropractor in Jefferson, Iowa or Greene County and surrounding areas can monitor or assess the health conditions or problems the child experienced during the pregnancy or delivery.

Believe it or not, even the smallest misalignment of a child’s spine can cause irritation to the developing nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, and spinal nerve roots.  This can hinder the growth and development of a child, especially newborns.  A pediatric chiropractor can check the spinal alignment of both newborns and children throughout different stages of their lives, as they are chiropractors who specialize in pediatric patient care.  They can help identify issues in a child’s development.  The earlier an issue is detected, the more likely it can be corrected before the issue becomes worse or causes even more serious health issues.  Bones, muscles, and joints all develop at a fast pace in children.  The more they are monitored in their growth, the easier it becomes to identify possible growth and development issues.

New parents may be concerned about the techniques a pediatric chiropractor may use on their newborn.  However, they can rest assured that the pressure placed on their child’s spine is no more than the pressure from the fingertips.  Much of the consultation for the newborn is based on observation and assessment.  The techniques used on older children involve much less force than those used on adults.  They are focused more on soft tissue therapy and joint mobility rather than manual adjustments.  Soft tissue therapy improves the quality and health of the soft tissue by applying gradual pressure to tender spots on the body.  This will eliminate nagging knots that can build up over time, especially if your child’s posture is not always good.  Therapeutic exercises can also be provided to enhance joint mobility.  These exercises should be very simple for the child to complete on their own, as the doctor will demonstrate how they should be done.  Parents will also be encouraged to do the exercises with the child to reinforce the advice of the doctor, especially if the child is very young.

Growing pains are very common throughout childhood.  A pediatric chiropractor can evaluate your child’s growing progress and make suggestions on the types of activities they need to be involved in to fully develop and stay healthy.  Scoliosis can be a common problem in growing children, especially if good posture is not practiced and the child is not active.  Proper playing periods and team sports are important to a child’s growth and development.  Your child may develop sports related injuries, including joint sprains and strains.  The chiropractor specializes in treating pediatric injuries without adding additional pressure or strain to the injury.

School bags and posture can become a serious problem for children, especially during the school year.  Many teachers assign homework from questions in the textbook, while others assign students chapters to read.  It is not uncommon for many school children to come home with almost every book in their desk or locker.  Carrying these books in a backpack can cause added stress and strain to a child’s upper body, including the back, shoulders, and neck.  A pediatric chiropractor can treat the child with a slight adjustment, and they can also provide advice on how the backpack can be carried to avoid the extra stress and strain. 

Most parents are surprised to know that social media use can cause extra stress and strain on their child’s body.  Modern parents have decided that their children need smartphones to be safe away from home.  Most might not expect their child to be introduced to social media, while others give their child permission to use it.  As you might expect, a child’s posture will not be the best if they are hunched down over their phone constantly.  Social media can also cause a child extra mental stress, as they cannot control what their friends or classmates post.  Your child’s brain is part of their nervous system.  Added emotional stress can cause additional strain in the body, and it does not take much to put the body out of proper alignment.  It is highly suggested that you monitor your child’s use of social media if they are going to use it.

Putting a young child to bed as a parent can be a difficult task, as many will push their parents’ limits to see how long they can get away with staying up.  If your child tends to sleep soundly, this is likely not an issue.  However, if your child has trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, there could be issues going on throughout their nervous system.  Having the child examined by a pediatric chiropractor may find the reasons why your child is suffering from sleep disorders.  Even the slightest misalignment in their spine can make all the difference in their body’s immune system.  A body with a weakened immune system needs the most restful sleep it can get, and this is most likely the time when the child will experience sleeping disorders.

Taking your child to a chiropractor at a very young age can be the best way to monitor their growth and development, especially if spinal conditions run in the family.  Early detection of these conditions can lead to it working itself out before it becomes a debilitating issue.  No child should have to grow up with spinal issues, as it can hold them back from achieving all the goals they will have in life.  Team sports is a great way to help a child develop and stay healthy.  Sometimes they can get these activities in school, but other times, they need their family to be supportive as they grow and develop.

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