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New Patients

Man extending hand for handshakeWelcome to Vive Family Chiropractic in Jefferson! Our warm and welcoming practice is the ideal place to get on the path to better health. Because we specialize in pediatric chiropractic care, we feature an area just for kids complete with toys so they can express themselves through play.

When you call to first schedule, we will initially schedule two appointments. We will ask you to fill out paperwork before arriving, allowing Dr. Leah time to look over it and best tailor the visit to you.

Day One

Your first appointment will take 30-45 minutes. Dr. Leah will perform a comprehensive evaluation that includes the following:

  • An extensive history of your health, not just your pain
  • Orthopedic testing, if necessary
  • Scans with the Insight Subluxation Station™

Using the Insight technology, Dr. Leah is always testing, never guessing, doing considerable research looking at each patient as an individual, custom-tailoring care for them.

Day Two

When you return, Dr. Leah will go over a complete report of findings. You’ll get a detailed explanation of what is going on, what we found, and if we can help. We will develop a plan of action to give you the maximum benefit from our chiropractic care and how to maintain the health status you will gain at our office. We will also go over the financial commitment upfront so there aren’t any surprises. Then you can receive your first adjustment.

Please allow 20-30 minutes for this appointment.

Regular Visits

These appointments are kept short and efficient at only 5-15 minutes each. Every 12 visits, Dr. Leah will do a re-exam using the InSight scan and have you answer a few questions on a piece of paper so we can make sure that you’re moving forward.

If you’ve experienced a setback that’s okay; we just want to address it and make sure your care plan is specific to you.

The Value of Ongoing Care

Some people wonder if they have to go to see the chiropractor for the rest of their life. It’s always your choice as to how long you want to be under care. We believe, however, that you’ll realize that you’ll feel so much better with chiropractic and will want to make it part of your life. Chiropractic can help you move easier, digest better, sleep better and be a happier person in general. Doesn’t that sound good?

Get started on the road to better health by booking an appointment today!

New Patient Center | (515) 386-2976