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We want you to not only survive in life but thrive. At Vive Family Chiropractic, it’s our desire that you enjoy optimal health that comes with a properly functioning nervous system. We want you to be a part of the Vive family, and you will be made to feel right at home in our comfortable and friendly chiropractic office.

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Many people firmly believe that they have to travel to large metropolitan areas to find the best in health care.  They will receive the opinion of their primary doctor, but if major surgery is suggested, many patients turn to the larger areas to see if it is actually necessary.  Of course, there are some patients that may believe the larger cities are better equipped to handle major surgeries and/or treatments.  However, before they travel long distances just to find out that the first opinion was correct, they can learn to trust their local doctors.  The same can be said for their local chiropractor, right in Jefferson, Iowa or Greene County and surrounding areas.

Is fancy equipment really necessary?

While it is true that chiropractors in larger metropolitan areas may have the latest state-of-the-art adjustment tables, none of it means much of anything if the chiropractor is not finely tuned at his or her craft.  A patient can lie down on this fancy adjustment table with the expectation that they will walk out of the office feeling much better than when they walked in.  However, if the doctor is too rough performing his or her adjustment or manipulation, the patient can walk out of the office in more pain than when they walked in.

Now, take the same situation, only you walk into your local chiropractor’s office.  You know, the same place where you have walked out feeling so much better than when you came in.  Their office may have the same beat up and taped adjustment table.  You lie down on the table and the doctor begins to work his or her magic on your sore back.  After 15 or 20 minutes, the pain you were feeling previously begins to subside.  You get up and leave the office feeling ready to face another day, knowing when you come back, that the same old adjustment table will be waiting for you.  Could you be able to say the same thing after leaving a chiropractor’s office in a large city that has a fancy adjustment table?  You do need to keep in mind that it is the doctor that is adjusting your back, not the table.

What are some symptoms that I need to see my local chiropractor?

Check the bottoms or the soles of your shoes.  Are they wearing out unevenly or differently?  This is a sign that your body is out of alignment and needs to be adjusted before it becomes a bigger and more chronic issue.  You should also keep in mind that it is important to buy shoes that help support good posture while standing still and walking or running.  Your feet are the first thing to hit the ground in the morning.  If they are not hitting the ground properly, it will throw off both your posture and your body’s overall alignment.

If you lead an active lifestyle and you are flexible with your range of motion, anything that becomes limited while moving can be a cause for concern.  If your arms or legs are not moving as much as they usually do while walking, running, or working, it can mean your back, nerves, or muscles are out of alignment.  If your neck will not turn in one direction or the other, it means you better head to your local chiropractor for a spinal adjustment or manipulation before it becomes a greater issue.  Having a normal range of motion means your body is functioning at an optimal capacity.

If you have been experiencing a sharp, shooting pain in your legs, you could have a pinched nerve or a slipped disc.  Your local chiropractor can perform the necessary tests and evaluations to prescribe a course of treatment.  Tingling or weakness in the same areas could mean your condition is more serious, and a treatment is necessary to prevent further damage.  A spinal adjustment or manipulation can relieve the unwanted pressure that is placed on the nerve that is causing the pain.

Whether you know it or not, your local chiropractor can be a helpful guide to leading a healthier lifestyle.  They can provide you with an exercise plan that can keep your joints and muscles constantly moving and in shape.  However, it likely does not mean you can skip your spinal adjustments or manipulations, especially if you work out a few times per week.  Yes, exercise does a body good, but the constant movement of joints and muscles can cause added stress on your body, especially if you have been inactive for quite some time.  Exercising your body a few times a week, along with maintaining a schedule of adjustments and manipulations will help keep your spine in proper alignment.

Besides exercise routines, your chiropractor can also provide you with nutrition tips to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.  You can likely compliment your diet with the proper vitamins and minerals to maintain optimal immune system and nervous system health.  They may even pass on some relaxation techniques to protect your spine, nerves, and muscles from stress and strain.

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