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Meet Dr. Leah Renwanz

I always knew I wanted to help people.

Chiropractor Jefferson, Dr. Leah Renwanz and familyI was born and raised here in Jefferson, IA in a loving home with incredible parents and two siblings to look up to. The house I was welcomed home to is still the cozy, family oriented home where my parents host Thanksgiving and Christmas each year. We grew up the way many families did a few decades ago. Our favorite family meals were “pigs in a blanket” and macaroni and cheese with hot dogs. We went to our family physician for stuffy noses and sore throats.

The only kind of medicine I knew was traditional Western medicine, until a chiropractor came to talk at my high school career fair. My interest in chiropractic was instantly sparked. I wanted to learn more so I set up my first chiropractic appointment. I had always had mild, annoying knee pain throughout sporting events and had seen a few different doctors to try and fix the pain. It wasn’t until I sought chiropractic care where I learned my knee pain was actually related to my hips being out of alignment. I had no idea that my hips could cause my knee pain – MIND BLOWN!

My Path to Chiropractic

After hearing about chiropractic and then seeing the first hand effects of chiropractic care on myself, chiropractic became my calling. I truly believe being a Doctor of Chiropractic and helping people is my Godly purpose. As my parents would tell you, I am not someone that does something halfway. I dove into chiropractic head first, joining chiropractic clubs in college, working at the front desk of a chiropractic office, and shadowing any chiropractor that would allow me into their office! I graduated with my bachelors degree from Iowa State University and headed on to Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, CA for chiropractic school. Being away from home for those long three years made me appreciate small town Iowa even more. I am so excited to bring what I have learned and am continuing to learn back to Jefferson.

Additional Education and Training

I am certified in Webster Technique and am a “Rock Doc”, which means I am certified to apply RockTape or proprioceptive Kinesio tape. I am also currently working toward my pediatric diplomate from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and I train with some of the best pediatric doctors in the nation with Epic Pediatrics. I am a member in good standing with the Iowa Chiropractic Society and the National Wellness Foundation.

The Appeal of Alternative Health Care

As more and more people search for natural alternatives to conventional medicine, they love that chiropractic care can help with a variety of conditions – without the use of drugs or surgery. “I enjoy being able to help someone using only my hands. With chiropractic, I can treat anyone, anywhere.”

Enjoying Family Life

When I am not at the office I am most likely with my son, Brooks, and my Scranton native husband, Cody. Brooks is the light of my life and when you see him at our office I hope he brightens your day as well. We enjoy watching the Iowa Hawkeyes on television and are hoping to see the Chicago Cubs win another World Series sooner than 108 years. We also are Golden State Warriors fans and raising Brooks to despise Lebron. We feel incredibly fortunate to have both Cody’s family and my parents in town to help raise Brooks – It truly takes a village! Okoboji is our home away from home during the summer months and the winter months are usually spent wishing we could get away for a boat ride and maybe a minor sun burn.

If you’ve been searching for a natural way to achieve better health, contact Vive Family Chiropractic today to schedule an appointment!

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