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When your child has a properly functioning nervous system, they are able to thrive in their own life and connect to the world around them.

Most of the time, dysfunction of the nervous system begins in mama’s belly or during the birthing process. The space becomes very tight towards the end of pregnancy and delivery, whether it be vaginal or C-section,  and tends to be a very stressful event. Our little babes are used to a warm, dark, and cozy environment, and it changes in just a few seconds. Even for many adults, our birth is the most traumatic physical stressor we have been through.

The symptoms we typically see in young kiddos and babes whose nervous systems are stuck in a stressful state are:

  • Very fussy or colicky
  • Inability to nurse on both sides
  • Flat spots or mis-shaped cranium 
  • Stiff and uncomfortable
  • Troubles with reflux
  • Issues with constipation/gas
  • Recurrent ear infections (or a need for tubes)

  • Poor ability to fall asleep and/or sleep well
  • Developmental “delays”
  • Dislike for baths, gyms, or places with loud, echoey noises
  • Eczema
  • Stomach pains and anxious tummys
  • Congested or sick often
  • Need for consistent or often antibiotic use

Many times when we see babes shortly after delivery and adjust them on a consistent basis, they rarely experience the above difficulties.

Being a parent is hard enough without any extra challenges. Let us help make life a little easier for your growing family.



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