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We want you to not only survive in life but thrive. At Vive Family Chiropractic, it’s our desire that you enjoy optimal health that comes with a properly functioning nervous system. We want you to be a part of the Vive family, and you will be made to feel right at home in our comfortable and friendly chiropractic office.


Chronic back pain suffers in Jefferson, Iowa or Greene County and surrounding areas do not have to rely solely on prescription or over-the-counter medications to find relief.  Chiropractors seek to reduce a patient’s pain while improving their body’s functionality as a whole.   They are health care professionals focused on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders.  Treatment usually comes through the manual adjustment or manipulation of the spine.  For many, chiropractic treatment can restore the structural integrity of the spine, reducing the pressure on sensitive neurological tissue, and improving overall health.

Can chiropractic services really help me?

How many times have you heard the statement that a chiropractor is just a doctor that could not make it through medical school?  This statement truly holds no merit, as the spine is a major part of the central nervous system in the body.  If one part is truly misaligned, it could be truly detrimental to your body, including the major organs like the heart or lungs.   If the nervous system is not functioning normally due to misalignment, it will throw off the body’s immune system, making it prone to illnesses and disease.  Just one spinal adjustment or manipulation can make all the difference in your nervous and immune systems functioning properly.

If you are suffering from chronic illnesses, conditions, or diseases that can be managed by chiropractic care, it is likely that your doctor will refer you to a chiropractor for evaluation.  Chiropractors do work together with other spine specialists and referral networks, in case your condition becomes more serious and requires a stronger form of treatment.  Your first consultation with the doctor will involve them taking a personal history of all your injuries, accidents, and surgeries.  Even if something you experienced seems minor, you should not leave it out of your case history.  It could make all the difference in your prescribed course of treatment.

Once the initial case history is completed, the chiropractor will move on to a physical examination.  Contrary to popular belief, the doctor does not perform any adjustments or manipulations during this portion of the consultation.  He or she observes what your body looks like sitting or lying still.  You may be asked to get up and walk so your body’s alignment can be seen in motion.  This will give the doctor a good idea of where your problems may lie.  Sometimes additional lab analysis may be needed to diagnose your condition.  Usually this includes blood analysis.  Sometimes it is necessary to have x-rays or an MRI done to further evaluate your spine’s overall condition.

After the chiropractor has completed the initial consultation and has a better idea of the condition your spine and nervous system is in, they will begin a course of prescribed treatment.  You may start out getting treatments once or twice a week, depending on the severity of your symptoms and condition.  Typically, the patient lies down on an adjustment table.  The doctor may rub or massage different parts of the back that they know are trouble spots for the patient.  The actual adjustment is usually a high velocity, short lever arm thrust to the vertebrae.  While it may look painful to anyone who may be watching, it usually does the trick and puts the vertebrae back into alignment.

Since the spine and neck are closely related, the chiropractor may massage the patient’s neck, especially if they experience a lot of pain in the upper back, neck, and shoulders.  The doctor will also adjust the neck back into alignment.  While it appears that the doctor is quickly snapping the neck around in rapid motion, they are actually realigning it with the spine.  It is not unusual to hear snaps, crackles, and pops as the neck is being adjusted.  The doctor may make the treatment look easy, and it may be tempting for you to have someone perform this adjustment for you.  However, it is not as easy as it looks.  All neck adjustments should be left to the trained professionals.

Spinal adjustments and manipulations are not the only treatments a doctor may perform.  Sometimes the body is so misaligned that normal treatment procedures do not have the effect they once did.  If this is the case, the doctor may choose to perform an ultrasound.  No, this is not the same ultrasound that allows you to see a developing baby or body organs.  This ultrasound uses sound waves to create a deep heat therapy.  The patient is usually laying on the adjustment table on their stomach.  The doctor takes a wand and moves it around and up and down the patient’s back.  The sound waves are applied to the soft tissues and joints, creating a deep heat therapy.  Any stress or tension that is felt in the surrounding areas is usually relieved by this procedure.  Applying a micro massage to the soft tissues and joints can reduce chronic back pain, stiffness, and spasms.  It can also increase the blood flow to the area and accelerate the healing process.

After a patient undergoes a chiropractic treatment, it is very common for them to experience a little pain or stiffness in their back, joints, or muscles.  It should subside after a day or two.  If it does not, following up with the doctor is suggested, as well as taking over-the-counter pain relievers.  If you are an active person who exercises regularly, it is highly suggested that you stretch properly before your workouts.  A proper cool down period is also suggested to give your muscles and joints time to adjust.

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