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While you may be thinking that it goes without saying that not every slight pain in my back requires a visit to a chiropractor near me, I should know the difference between chronic pain and just an ache.  What if the terrible headache I have been experiencing the last few days is related to that nagging ache in my back?  My desk at work really has me hunching over my keyboard and desk phone.  Sometimes I think to myself that my posture while I am working has to be terrible.  I know I do not have the time to get up and stretch every time I can feel the knots forming in my neck and upper back.  Could this be what is causing that nagging ache in my back and the headaches I experience quite frequently?  After all, the spine is connected to the central nervous system.  Maybe I could use a spinal adjustment?

Deciding when to go to the chiropractor can be just as difficult as deciding when to go to the doctor.  If your symptoms are not all that serious, you could be told by the doctor that the treatments you are giving yourself are exactly what you need to do.  Immediately after hearing this you may think to yourself, why did I visit a chiropractor near me when I was treating my symptoms correctly all along?  Exactly how do I know when a chiropractor can help me?  If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may benefit greatly from a spinal manipulation or adjustment.


While it is true that anything can bring on a headache, including stress and a cold, the brain is one of the central parts of the nervous system.  Headache pain should not be taken lightly.  Most of the time, you think to yourself all I need to do is take a couple of ibuprofen or aspirin, and I will be fine.  A trip to the chiropractor near me is not necessary.  I could be dehydrated and just need to drink more water.  I have not been eating very well, so I am not getting the nutrition I need to feel my best.  If I just make some adjustments to my diet, I should feel better in no time.  Last night, I did not sleep very well.  Maybe this headache is just my body’s way of adjusting itself.

While you can make up as many excuses as you want, experiencing more than one headache a week can point to a misalignment in your neck or spine.  You may not like going to the doctor all that much, but sometimes it may benefit you in ways that you do not expect.  Chiropractors will be able to assess whether they can be a great help to you by the first thorough examination and assessment.  A spinal manipulation or adjustment can relieve the headache and improve your blood flow.  This will increase the amount of oxygen supplied to your brain.  Yes, you may be thinking that not every headache requires a visit to the chiropractor near me, it may be worth it to be evaluated if you experience frequent headaches throughout the month.

You are sitting for long periods:

Office workers who sit at a desk for long periods of time may experience frequent joint or muscle pain, especially if the design of the desk is not good posture friendly.  Many office workers are not able to stretch very often or even get up to take a walk and get some exercise.  After a 40-hour work week, a good majority of office workers may be thinking it is time for an adjustment from a chiropractor near me.  Being hunched over a keyboard for the good majority of your week can cause poor posture, especially if your desk chair is not the right height for you to reach your keyboard comfortably.  Even using a mouse frequently, without a proper mouse pad can cause your nerves and muscles to tense up. 

Poor posture puts unnecessary stress and pressure on your upper back, neck, and shoulders.  In time, the added pressure can cause the discs and bones in your body to shift enough to cause slipped or herniated discs in your spine.  A visit to a chiropractor at least once a week will ensure that your spine is aligned correctly, and you will not run into problems in the future.

Ergonomic keyboards, an adjustable wireless mouse, and a mousepad with a built-in wrist rest may seem to be the answer for some, as temporary relief from aches and pains can be achieved.  However, it is only a temporary fix, especially if your job requires that you multitask at your desk.  How many times have you answered the phone, while you are beginning to type.  You do not want to lose precious work time by holding the phone to your ear and talking, so before you know it, the phone is curled between your ear and your face.  Your two hands are typing away, while your face and ear hold up the phone.  If the person on the other end is long winded, it is just a matter of time before extra added stress and strain spreads to your upper back, neck, and shoulders.

How many times have you secretly wished that your office would bring in chair massages for the day?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have the stress and tension of your work day massaged away?  The reality is this will likely not happen.  Staring at your computer screen eight hours a day will cause your body extra stress and strain.  Even your eyes will become strained.  Yes, there are nerve endings in your eyes as well.  To keep yourself healthy, it is best to get up and take a break from sitting at your desk.  Take a walk.  Stretch.  Go outside for a breath of fresh air.  Do whatever you can to remove the stress from your body that is the result of poor posture.

Chronic back pain and limited range of motion:

Chronic back pain can be caused by multiple factors, including poor posture, standing for long periods of time, and the type of work you do.  If you let the chronic pain go untreated for too long, it can lead to a limited range of motion for various parts of your body.  We have all slept the wrong way and experienced a stiff neck.  Turning your neck in one direction or the other becomes next to impossible to do without some sort of pain.  Even your arms and shoulders might not be as flexible as they used to be, when you are experiencing chronic back pain.  A simple spinal adjustment or manipulation at least once a week can save you from taking pain medications or narcotics.  It could also save you from having expensive invasive surgery. 

Between chiropractic visits, you can do yourself a favor.  Have alternative sleeping plans for a few nights a week.  If possible sleep in a different spot in your home.  If you have a comfortable, yet supportive couch, you may want to try sleeping on it a couple of nights to see if your upper back, neck, and shoulders get a break from the daily stress of sleeping in the same position.  Sometimes recliners are very comfortable to sleep in because you can raise your feet above the level of your heart.  This is a prime position to alleviate any swelling that may be lingering in your feet ot legs from improper posture throughout your day.

A warm bath or a hot shower can do wonders for an aching back and muscles before your next chiropractor appointment.  If you choose to take the warm bath, you will want to avoid soaking in a tub where the water is too hot, as that can cause an unnecessary increase in blood pressure.  This will cause added stress and strain on the spine, which can lead to misalignment.  Hot showers should be kept short for the same reasons.  The water should not be scalding hot, as you want to avoid skin burns, which could lead to further injury.

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